What’s new in Siren Platform 12.0

The following feature enhancements are available in Siren Platform version 12.0.

For a full list of improvements, fixes, and security enhancements, see the release notes.

New features

Global search interface

A new Global Search interface is available, which provides instant access to all of the data within Siren Platform’s reach in a single, unified interface. After you find a record of interest, you can view it in more detail.

You can also set the searchability of entity tables to allow or restrict their appearance in search results. Learn more.

The Global Search interface

Adding and editing data with revision tracking

You can add or edit records in an existing entity table using the Record View, which is available in the Global Search, in the graph browser, in the record table visualization, and in the Data model app.

All changes that you make to the data can be tracked in a dedicated revision index. Learn more.

A new contextual function is available in the Graph Browser, which allows you to add or edit links between nodes in the graph.

This allows you to curate the graph for investigations where you are aware of connections between entities that are not displayed. Learn more.

You can also limit the visual clutter in a graph by transforming interconnecting nodes into links (edges) with a newly-developed lens. Learn more.

Adding and editing links in the Graph Browser

Importing data in the Data model app

The Data model app has a new interface that provides extensive data import capabilities. It is now a comprehensive location for working with your data; from importing to editing, to adding relations between entities.

You can import data either from a spreadsheet or from a datasource and apply a transform operation by using simple drag and drop functions. The transform can be saved and reused later on new data files that have a similar structure. Learn more.

Transforming data using the Data model application

New features in the Record View

Now, when you expand a record to view its details, the Record View includes the ability to view linked records (1) and filter records to a dashboard (2). Learn more.

Viewing linked records

New linking options for visualizations

If you need to switch the data set that is linked to a visualization, you can select a different entity table or search on the configuration screen.

You can also allow a visualization to be reused on multiple dashboards. Learn more.

Linking visualizations to entity tables

Taxonomy and advanced data browser

In use cases where precision drill-downs are required, for example, when examining technical terms for patents, technical documentation, or scientific literature, Siren Platform provides a taxonomy browser.

Along with improved taxonomy annotation capabilities in our built-in natural language processing (NLP), analysts can explore advanced technical and domain-specific datasets and can choose taxonomical categories within a tree visualization.

To add a taxonomy browser to a dashboard, configure and add a Controls visualization with an options tree. Learn more.

Taxonomy browser visualization in a dashboard

Updated terminology in Siren Investigate

'Searches' or 'index pattern searches' are now referred to as entity tables. And entity tables can have subordinates, now called searches. For more information, see the data model documentation and the Glossary.

Versions and compatibility

Compatibility with Avatica for datasource configuration

You can import data into entity tables from Avatica instances that are configured in Siren Federate. Avatica is now the only JDBC framework option that is supported for connecting to datasources and replaces all previous options. Learn more.