Release Notes


Bug fixes

Graph Browser

  • Fixed an issue where groups and related edges were not correctly put on the background


This is an essential update. You must upgrade to version 13.1 or later by April 30, 2023. After this date, earlier versions will completely lose graph functionality.

Breaking Changes

Graph Browser functionality

The rendering engine of the Siren Graph Browser has been completely overhauled to provide more scope for functionality in future releases. As a result of this work, there have been improvements to how the Graph Browser works:

  • Improved tooltip handling for fewer glitches with tooltips.

  • Improved timebar: the timebar now resolves in milliseconds and the left boundary is fixed when playing.

  • Additional play modes are coming in the next releases.

  • Improved contextual menu: width issues are resolved and the contextual menu no longer renders outside the boundaries of the visualization.

  • Improvements to the undo/redo engine - some operations are still missing and are planned for the next releases.

The following layouts were removed because they are incompatible with the new rendering engine:

  • Organic

  • Sequential

  • Tweak

  • Structural

The following advanced layouts were added:

  • Fruchterman’s forced layout

  • Lens layout

Temporary changes

Some functionality has been temporarily removed, or downgraded, and will be added back in subsequent releases. These are as follows:

  • The Temporal Connection lens.

  • The halo around a node for the advanced lens.

  • The status update bar at the top of the window when the layout is running.

  • The full label of an aggregated edge displaying on hover.

  • The ping animation currently does not take the size of the node into account, so it might look smaller if you make nodes bigger and vice versa.

  • Support for dashed and dotted link styles.

  • The selection change event has been moved from the global sirenAPI level to the visualization level. This means that only scripts attached to the visualization emitting the event will react to it.

To adapt your custom cards, first switch the listener:


sirenapi.on(sirenapi.EVENTS.CUSTOM, event => {


currentVisualization.on(sirenapi.EVENTS.CUSTOM, async (eventName, data) => {

The event object lost the innermost level that was accessed via the graphId property. For example, to access the cards configurations you only need to do:

const configurations = event["cardConfigs"] || [];

Refer to the histogram card source code for additional clarifications.

OnUpdate scripts
  • Previously deprecated onUpdate scripts have been removed.

Security fixes

New features

  • Introduced the ability to toggle filters on an individual visualisation panel from a dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where editing the Graph Browser while the selection table was open would prevent the entities from appearing in entities list.

  • The default label of an entity or node ID now shows when no fields are selected on the Graph Browser selection table.

  • Fixed an issue where the 'Query web service' visualisation sends 'float' inputs to web services as text.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the entity select on the graph to prevent entity selection when the selection sidebar was open.


  • Upgraded jquery to version 3.6.3. For the full list of changes, see the 3.6.3 changelog.

  • The sirenapi script type has been divided into three types - custom, record template and card.