Release notes


New features

  • Added a new REST API _siren/nodes/benchmark that can be used to evaluate different aspects of the Federate plugin.


  • Implemented Elasticsearch 7.17.5 compatibility.

  • Improved networking performance of the search-project task.

  • Updated default values for the following settings:

    • The setting that sets the number of partitions per node used in the HASH_JOIN algorithm, now defaults to the number of CPUs - 1.

    • The setting that sets the size of data packets sent between nodes of the cluster now defaults to 1MB.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the retrieval of dynamic and node-level settings* in Federate tasks.



  • Implemented Elasticsearch 7.17.4 compatibility.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed caching issue of selected shards for an index by listening to index routing changes.

  • Fixed handling of OutOfMemoryError errors when serializing data packets.

  • Fixed a join issue with virtual indices and keyword join fields.



  • Implemented Elasticsearch 7.17.3 compatibility.



  • Added index-based scan strategy for keyword field type.



  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 7.17.1

  • Various optimizations of the vectorized processing pipeline. Most noticeably:

    • In case of local transfer requests, data packets serialization now directly uses arrowBuf.

    • Improved vectorization for projection of single-valued columns.



  • Upgraded to Elasticsearch 7.17.0

  • Vectorization of distributed hash semi-join.

  • Vectorization of distributed inner join.

  • Added support to join on _id metadata field for semi-join queries.

    • Limitation: projection of _id metadata field is not supported in the context of an inner join.

  • Added support for a placeholder to represent the Elasticsearch configuration directory in the JDBC properties of a datasource configuration.

Breaking changes

  • Removed a deprecated property,, in favor of the setting.

  • Removed a deprecated property,, in favor of the setting.

  • Removed a deprecated property,, in favor of the setting.

Bug fixes

  • Fix fingerprint of request executions to match results of explain requests.