The Timeline visualization displays series of data coming from different entity tables on a single timeline component. Events are color-coded to distinguish between different groups.

Each event on a timeline becomes a clickable term filter which enables you to quickly filter the related data based on what is shown on the timeline.



To configure the visualization, add a new Group and select:

  • Saved search id: Select an entity table or search from the list. The date for this group will be taken from the corresponding index.

  • Group label: Label for the group.

  • Event label field: Field value will be used as individual event label.

  • Event start date: Date from this field will be used to position start of the event.

  • Event end date (optional): Date from this field will be used to position end of the event.

  • Events number limit (optional): Limit number of events in this group.

Timeline configuration

Advanced option

By default, events from multiple groups are rendered all mixed together. It is possible to show different groups on different levels by enabling the advanced option

  • Groups rendered on separate levels

Timeline advanced configuration

In the timeline, each group is rendered on separate level: