Graph browser

The graph browser is the most complex visualization in Siren Investigate. It displays Elasticsearch documents as nodes and the relations that you define in the data model as links between the nodes.

A set of algorithms for graph analytics is available, which operate on the visible graph. These algorithms make it simple to analyze your data.

The default graph browser visualization is accessible from the Dashboard app sidebar. You can also add a graph browser visualization to any dashboard. When a dataspace is created a graph browser visualization is automatically added and set as the default visualizer for graphs.

Graph capabilities

Opening the graph browser

  1. Go to the Dashboard app.

  2. From the sidebar, expand TOOLS.

  3. Click Graph Browser.

Cloning a graph browser

During an investigation, it might be useful to diverge from the analysis that the current graph browser is performing. To clone the graph browser:

  1. From the Options menu, click Clone.

  2. Name the graph.

  3. Click Confirm Clone.

This clones the dashboard that holds the graph browser visualization. If you change the configuration of graph browser on the cloned dashboard, it updates the original dashboard.

Saving a graph

You can save changes as a new graph object such as, changes to lenses or relation controls, without applying those changes permanently to the graph browser. To do this:

  1. Make your changes.

  2. From the toolbar, click SaveAs new graph.

  3. Name the graph and click Save.