Release notes



  • Updated the Babel browser configuration to reduce the bundle size by not transpiling the async/await code.

  • Introduced a new high-availability plugin (beta) that simplifies the setup of multi-node investigate clusters.

  • Updated Siren Alert so that it creates a single index to store alarms per year.

  • Aggregated relations where the unique value fields contain arrays with valid values are now handled in the graph browser.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the arguments passed to Siren Investigate would not correctly pass to the process if they contained spaces.

  • Fixed an issue where field labels were not displayed in the search highlights.

  • Fixed an issue where in some conditions, the wrong private index was deleted after deleting a dataspace.

  • Fixed a bug where the loading bar had a delay on every search.

  • Fixed a bug where a migration would get triggered if a new dataspace was created but it wasn’t opened.

  • Fixed an issue where the count of applied dynamic filters shown in Siren Search was incorrect.

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to perform the moving function aggregation.

  • Fixed an issue where newer versions of the Web service interface were not supported.

  • Fixed an issue where a scripted field was not exported in the CSV export.

Graph browser bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where after a save-as operation, the starting graph was not reset to its saved state.

  • Fixed a bug where deleting a node created by the record-to-edge lens would clear the current graph.

  • Fixed an issue where the selected limits were not persisted when switching dashboard and graphs.

  • Fixed an issue where closing a tab while in map mode would leave a white space instead of showing the map.

  • Fixed a bug where the selection table would lose the configured visible columns.

  • Fixed a bug where the selection table would not show scripted fields.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the undo on expansions to not work correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where fields containing arrays were not represented correctly in the selection table.

  • Fixed an issue where the graph toolbar switch would not render some icons properly.

  • Fixed a bug where Siren Investigate would throw errors for graph browser visualization on the first load.

Security improvements



  • On a mobile device, the dynamic filters pane now closes automatically after the filters are applied.

  • The bulk body request for NFS import is divided into batches so that the upload does not encounter HTTP 429 - Too Many Requests.

  • In the Siren Search results table, tooltips have been added to long column names.

  • In the Siren Search, the 'Create graph' button in the saved graphs sidebar menu is now disabled if a user does not have permission to create a saved graph.

  • Added a warning message to the view when user is uploading a network file with more than 500 columns.

  • Added a button to each saved graph in the Siren Search enabling the user to open the saved graph in a dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the expand buttons on the sidebar were wrongly disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where results of the global search could not be dropped on a graph on the sidebar.

  • Fixed a bug where hidden templated columns could not be re-added to the record table.

  • Fixed a bug in the sorting of fields by their boost value in the table in the searching tab in the data model.

  • Fixed an issue where the action buttons in the saved graphs in the Siren Search were not disabled if there are no records.

  • Fixed a bug where dynamic filters were automatically applied after the filters are pasted.

  • Fixed an issue where an error was shown on browser console after creating an entity identifier.

  • Fixed a bug where access control errors were not caught when a user did not have permission to edit a saved graph.

  • Fixed a bug where a dashboard’s sidebar group was not expanded when applying filters to the dashboard from the Siren Search.

  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic filters were not properly restored in the Siren Search.

  • Fixed an issue where global search results could not be opened in dashboards using child searches.

  • Fixed a bug in Siren Audit where deleting a dataspace would not result in the persistence of deletion event of the related namespaced saved objects.

  • Fixed a bug that broke template scripts compilation when an iframe was added to the page, typically by other scripts.

  • Fixed an issue in Siren Search where saved graph records were not being found due to a bogus ID.

Graph browser bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where cards could not be configured in edit mode.

  • Fixed an issue where the pagination in the selection table would render on a popup for more than 1000 records.

  • Fixed an issue where dragging the bottom panel would not show the selection table.

  • Fixed an issue where the live filter on graph visualizer was not updating the dashboard counts when enabled/disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip on the graph could crash the visualization.

  • Fixed a bug where misconfigured saved searches would cause an error in the selection table.

  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar relations list would not be filtered by the graph selection



Breaking changes

  • Starting from version 14.0.0, Siren Investigate does not come with a bundled community license. Existing community licenses are no longer supported. Please contact Siren for continued support.

New features

  • This version adds the capability to import CSV files from a shared storage mounted as local directories on the server in which Siren Investigate is running. For more details, see importing data.

  • Siren Search provides the capability to do a global search, apply filters dynamically to the results and open a collection of saved records directly in the graph browser. This feature works on mobile devices too. More details can be seen here.

  • Added an documentation AI assistant to this documentation site.


  • The Graph Browser UX has been improved to become more consistent, easy to use, and faster.

  • Node.js has been bumped to version 20.10.0 in this release. This is the latest long term support version by Node and the details can be seen here in the changelog of the release.

  • Added keyword and date data types to the dynamic filters.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where an excel sheet with date column was not getting ingested properly into Siren Investigate.