Using cards on the graph

Cards tab

The Cards tab in the Graph Browser allows you to apply special views on the currently-selected nodes. The views change when different nodes are selected.

To add the Cards tab to the Graph Browser, open the graph in Edit mode and select the Histogram card from the Cards drop-down menu. Click Apply changes and Save.

To see the available cards, click the cog icon.

You can create scripts to add new cards. For more information, see Creating scripts and Applying scripts to visualizations.

List of cards

Cards list

From the list of cards, you can:

  • Create new cards by clicking on the dropdown menu.

  • Re-order cards by using the drag handler

  • Configure cards by clicking the cog icon

  • Remove cards by clicking the bin icon

Configuring cards

Cards list

After you have selected a card, you can configure its label.

Different types of card expose different configuration fields. For example, the Histogram card supports a string input field.

Histogram Card

This card produces a histogram that is generated based on the field that is defined in the card configuration. Click on one of the bars to select the corresponding nodes on the graph.