Legacy dashboards

The legacy layout has been deprecated and will be removed in future versions of Siren Investigate.

Each visualization in your dashboard is stored in a container. You can resize and rearrange the containers in the dashboard to improve the layout.

Resizing, moving, and removing containers

Maximizing: To maximize a container, from the upper-right corner of the container frame, click the Maximize icon. To return the container to its normal size and position, click the icon again..

To perform other updates on the containers, from the Options menu, select Edit. This activates the editing buttons in the container’s toolbar.

Moving: Click and hold the container’s Move control to move the container around the dashboard. Other containers will shift as needed to make room for the moving container. Release the mouse button to confirm the container’s new location.

Resizing: Move the cursor to the lower-right corner of the container and a corner control is displayed. Click and drag the corner of the container to change the container’s size. Release the mouse button to confirm the new container size.

Editing: In the upper-right corner of the container, click the pencil icon to open the configuration options of the visualization.

Removing: To remove a container from the dashboard, in the upper-right corner of the container, click X. Removing a container from a dashboard does not remove the saved visualization.

Changing the color theme

By default, Siren Investigate dashboards use a light color theme. To use a dark color theme instead, click Edit → Options and select Use dark theme.

To use the dark theme by default, go to Management → Advanced Settings and set the dashboard:defaultDarkTheme parameter to true.