The Graph Browser

The Graph Browser is the most complex visualization available in Siren Investigate. It displays Elasticsearch documents as nodes and the relations that you define in the data model as links between the nodes.

You can get started in the Graph Browser by dragging and dropping a dashboard from the navigation pane into the Graph Browser pane, and watch as your data is visualized in a graph.

A set of algorithms for graph analytics is available, which operate on the visible graph. These algorithms make it simple to analyze your data.

Graph capabilities

  • You can perform link analysis.

  • You can perform shortest path and common communicator calculations.

  • You can add lenses to provide graph metrics including page rank, centrality, betweenness, closeness, and eigenvector centrality.

  • You can apply scripts to control automatic behaviors and visualization rules.

  • You can perform spatial and temporal analyses on data by using the Map and Timeline modes.