Deploying Elasticsearch and Siren Federate with ECK

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) is an operator from Elastic that simplifies the installation and maintenance of an Elasticsearch cluster on Kubernetes.

This section provides a quick start guide to set up and initialize a new single node cluster with:

  • The Siren Federate plug-in.

  • A minimal security configuration for Investigate.

For more information about ECK, compatibility, and prerequisites, refer to the Elastic documentation.

Setting up ECK on your cluster

  1. Execute the following command. You need administrative permissions to do this.

    kubectl create -f

    If the command is successful, a list of custom resource definitions installed in the cluster is outputted: created created created created created created created
  2. To install ECK, execute the following command:

    kubectl apply -f

    By default, ECK is installed in the elastic-system namespace.

  3. Verify that the operator is running:

    kubectl -n elastic-system get statefulset.apps/elastic-operator

    After a few attempts, if it was successful, the StatefulSet appears in the ready state:

    NAME               READY   AGE
    elastic-operator   1/1     110s


By default, clusters created by the operator have a basic license enabled.

If you have an Elastic Platinum subscription, you can enable your operator to automatically apply it to new clusters. For more information, refer to the instructions at Manage licenses in ECK .

Next steps

To deploy a new cluster using the operator, see Creating a new cluster with ECK.